Life Event: Funerals


​Funerals form an important part in our cultural life. In many cases, families spend far more than they can actually afford to bury their loved ones, resulting in debt situations that they can ill afford. Often, over-spending and falling into a debt trap is done to keep up social appearances. Planning for funerals requires objectivity and knowledge and should not be emotion driven. Some considerations include:

  • What you should know about funeral policies and burial societies.

  • Registration of funeral parlours.

  • Life cover vs. burial cover – long term insurance​.

  • Documents and formalities, such as death certificates, closing bank accounts, paying off outstanding accounts, dealing with tax issues, etc.

  • Real costs and expenses, namely the coffin, paving a celebrant or clergy, flowers, newspaper notices, burial/cremation costs, refreshments for mourners, etc.


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